• Black clad first floor extension over existing stone annex the grange edinburgh
  • Whitehouse Loan

  • When initially approached by our client the property could have been seen as a mismatch of various extensions around an original off-shoot of the larger adjacent victorian villa. From the street the property could not be clearly defined as a separate entity from its larger neighbour. Therefore the key briefing point from the client was to give the property an individual identity from the street. 

    Through a series of design iterations between project architect and client a solution was reached that all felt achieved a clear definition of the property. The proposal was for a single first floor extension above an existing single storey stone element. The extension was to accommodate a new master bedroom with en-suite. Window placement within the extension similarly reflects the positioning of windows within the stone element below, the intension of this is to link the two elements without creating a copy-cat or pastiche of the existing elements. 

    The materials of the extension are in stark contrast to the buff coloured sandstone of the existing property; matt black cementitious panels in regular rhythm creates a wrap around faced and are slightly set back from the stone built element below. We worked closely with the contractor to deliver great value for our client, the use of simple materials with careful detailing has delivered a precise and elegant extension and internal re-working of this confused property.