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  • Warriston Crescent

  • This property is a lovely three storey Georgian terraced house.  The lower level opens onto a sunny back garden.  We had refurbished the property in 2000.  The same client wanted to remodel the lower floor again - the kitchen and day to day living areas - but adding on to give more space, reaching into the garden.

    Revisiting this was quite humbling. The extension is modest in size and simple in configuration but at the same time bold in its style. Using traditional materials enabled us to give a sense of permanence while the use of glass, both in big window screens and a floating roof resulted in a well lit, well connected and lightweight extension.

    We had the benefit of a cohesive design team and a first-class contractor - John Watt on engineering, Thomson Gray as QS and builders Gloss. The client looks after the property very well and we feel that it’s evolved into something special and ageless.