• New build house in edinburgh with a brick and concrete facade
  • Ravelston Dykes Road

  • This unrealised design for a new build home was to replace an existing smaller property on the same site. The site had a number of challenges, first and foremost was the steeply sloping nature of the site, more importantly that slope faced north; this significantly effected the opportunity to take in South light. We therefore had to use the slope to form the architecture. The building steps as it moves down the slope and using level changes to create differing degrees of public and private spaces. This move quickly turned the slope into an opportunity rather than a negative.

    Our clients brief was to create a modern home suited to a young family, taking full advantage of open views to the south. Views & connectivity between the different internal and external spaces were also important, creating spaces that flowed seamlessly and that do not form barriers for free movement. Establishing interconnectivity between public and semi-public spaces, whether that be through a visual or a more physical connection. 

    The facade design is highly rational and ordered. The plan is a H-form plan, to maximise light and openness. The central sections of either side of the 'H' create sheltered courtyards, one south facing and one north, each having their own characteristics. The outward appearance of the building is very much one of rhythm and pattern, pre-cast concrete columns and lintels have a duplicity, acting as both structural and facade features, minimising the need for duplication of material. The 'skin' of the building is set behind the columns and is formed of Danish bricks, giving texture and a more intricate pattern to act as a counterpoint of the rhythmic columned facade.