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  • Northumberland Street

  • A repeat client, with whom we have completed several wonderful projects.  They bought this property to develop as a new home for their international financial business.

    The brief was to create a series of spaces, timeless and not enslaved either to originality or modernity.  The result is clean, classic, quiet and elegant.

    The property was in commercial use and had been altered, somewhat unsympathetically, over the generations.  The building finishes were carefully stripped back and the structure and services re-introduced seamlessly and in keeping with the age and the area.

    The facilities for rest and food were introduced subtly, so as to create an environment conducive to work and pleasure.

    As with many projects, we spend much time peeling back the layers applied over the years.  We undo some of the changes of the past. The aim is to secure the building for an indefinite future, with the possibility for flexibility and enjoyment of use.