• Braid-Alterations-Kitchen-Image
  • Braid Road - Shortlisted for the EAA Small Project Award 2019

  • As with many clients who wish to renovate their home, at Braid Avenue we were asked to create a light-filled, open plan living area which opened on to the rear garden. We had a few challenges to overcome before arriving at a worthy outcome. The garden level had some slightly unusual structural arrangements and what’s more, was north facing. The existing offshoot was to be kept and we had building regulation challenges to overcome. The budget was stretched to work very hard.

    What was a simple idea proved a complete triumph in reality. By removing some walls and infilling the triangular area between the annexe and the house in glass; the garden level was unlocked and became an immediately more usable, light-filled space. The house now has a renewed sense of purpose, a new balance where the classic front rooms have a counterpart at garden level in the open plan, flowing living-kitchen area.