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We had worked with these clients before. They purchased a superb four storey house, which had been superficially modernised.

The clients wanted to restore many original features and to introduce some remodelling to breathe light and life into the house.

The property had been altered many times in its near 200 year history. It started as a townhouse and was converted into office accommodation. Much was structurally changed and the many interventions weren’t always done to a proper standard.

We spent much time and effort in understanding the original arrangements and respecting these where possible with the new work that we introduced.

The building was refurbished, top to bottom – fabric repairs, new services, many new finishes, openings to get light deep into the floor plan and connection to the views of Arthur’s Seat.

A contemporary extension was added to the rear, providing a bridge, which connected the ground floor kitchen with the terraced garden. A beautiful house.