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A house within an existing Victorian terrace with a regular pattern of back-to-back rear offshoots. We removed this original utility room, which had disconnected the house interior from the garden making it gloomy and cramped.

The new rear extension in its place, upgrades to quality split-level living accommodation. A picture window and a fully glazed wrap around screen make new visual and spatial connections and in particular provide a new and close relationship to the garden.

Structural alterations opened up the internal kitchen. Further connection to the front room was created and a large glass sliding door allows for flexibility. Circulation now flows from one area to the next. Clerestory glazing from the new extension draws natural light deep into these invigorated internal spaces.

Close attention to detail during design was continued on site with effective communication between architect and the main contractor Mackenzie Hughes. The client was, as always,  a key part of this process and the team.

“In short, we got the highest standard of service, professionalism and vision from Somner Macdonald.  We sought help on a seemingly intractable difficulty in reshaping and extending our house.  The response after the first meeting was miraculous: the extension was worked out and drawn up like a vision.  The planning and contract phases were smooth and happily uneventful.  The build itself was thoughtfully and skilfully administered.  The final result is a pleasure.  Thank you!”