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Our clients approached us to look at remodelling an existing offshoot to a Victorian villa. The house opposite came up for sale, so they moved. It was larger.

We were approached, to look at the offshoots of the new house – a Victorian scullery and a 1970s extension. They wanted a large kitchen dining room, linked to the main house and opening out onto the lovely (almost orchard like) back garden.

The design emerged and for reasons of viability, energy and space, the offshoot and extension were demolished.

The extension was designed to fit in and to be, in many respects, traditional – this was the client’s brief. The result, we believe, is timeless, elegant and striking. The space is very simple in form, about 65m2.

We used a mixture of natural stone and lead externally, with exposed stainless steel and oak trusses internally.

The roof glazing gives all-day light to an east facing space. It’s moved the centre of gravity of the house and connected the house front to back.