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A substantial detached Victorian villa with a dark and disconnected rear offshoot containing the kitchen. The internal layout also required reorganization of underused rooms. Working closely with our structural engineer John Watt, considerable structural steelwork was introduced into the building in order to form an interestingly asymmetric arrangement of open and interconnected family spaces.

A relatively compact and discrete flat roofed side extension provides for additional space directly related to the kitchen. This in turn leads via large sliding fully glazed doors, to a stone terrace which wraps around the building linking front to rear, inside to outside.

A clear but subtle distinction between old and new is combined with a commitment to working with our client’s personal tastes and preferences. Crisp contemporary details are integrated thoughtfully with sensitive refurbishment. New stonework has been stretched in proportion whilst contemporary metal detailing reflects traditional leadwork. Where appropriate, internal Victorian tile detailing has been reproduced to maintain an authentic look.